Our responsible approach

Digital responsibility at the heart of our DNA

Aware of today's environmental, social and economic challenges, dès 2022 C-Digital Labs has joined the ranks of companies committed to a virtuous digital future by signing the Responsible Digital Charter of the Institut du Numérique Responsable.

This first step took concrete form in 2023 with the award of the Responsible Digital Label (level 1), which commits the company to a process of continuous improvement to reduce the ecological, economic and social footprint of information and communication technologies (ICT). C-Digital Labs in a continuous improvement process to reduce the ecological, economic and social footprint of technologies information and communication technologies (ICT).

Discover the Responsible Digital label

Responsible Digital Label

Our Responsible Digital Policy (NR)

Since its creation in 2020 C-Digital Labs ♻️ has been working to make consumption responsible and sustainable by digitizing second-hand and reparability for the benefit of the circular economy, by designing and developing IT for Green solutions.

We have always contributed (in)directly to reducing the environmental impact of consumer products, particularly electrical and electronic equipment, which is why our aim today is to implement a global responsible digital approach; in other words, tocombine our core business of IT for Green with Green for IT, while respecting our founding values of "Ecoresponsibility", "Sustainable Innovation" and "Thinking differently".

That's why our NR policy is built around these 5 pillars:

  • Place digital responsibility at the heart of our corporate strategy and inform our choices and decisions accordingly
  • Promote the emergence of new consumer behaviors by continuing to develop digital products and services that enable the growth of the circular economy.
  • Optimize digital tools and services to limit their impact and consumption, by integrating and disseminating eco-design principles to all our businesses and stakeholders.
  • Reduce our own digital footprint by implementing a responsible purchasing policy for digital services and equipment
  • Innovating in the design of responsible products and services to serve the ecological and digital transition

Our commitments

As a company with the "Responsible Digital" label, we have committed ourselves to a progress plan aimed at implementing a continuous improvement approach built around our NR policy.

This progress plan is our roadmap, formalizing our Digital Responsibility action plan for the next two years (the duration of the Level 1 Digital Responsibility Label commitment).

Key actions include C-Digital Labs is committed to training 100% of its employees (Product Owner, Product Manager, Developers, Agilists, Designers, Architects) in the responsible design of digital services. This training is part of the company's global strategy, and represents a key step in the implementation of our Responsible Digital Development policy.